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2011 - Posts
Flipping through the pages of Canadian HR Reporter reveals top workplaces stories of the past year
Jobseekers think volunteer experience makes them more attractive — do hiring managers agree?
Research suggests executives should discount what male candidates say, put a premium on what females boast about
Research confirms something many HR professionals already know when it comes to workers dressing provocatively
Story we're working on for the Dec. 5 issue on workers with autism shows benefits of hiring workers with disabilities
Sad saga at Penn State University underscores fact that, for all organizations, whistleblowing can`t be a dirty word
New research reveals the wider the face, the better the financial performance — but we’ve got a better yardstick for what makes the best CEO
U.K. report suggests making it easier to fire workers (ditch wrongful dismissal, replace it with fixed amount of notice) would boost competitiveness – but HR association strongly disagrees
Catalyst's HR/Diversity Award winner challenges employers to 'be bold' — promote more women into senior roles
Casualties are far too real, and everyone (including workplaces) have a role to play in putting a stop to it
Sure, we’re in the fourth quarter sprint — but let’s not shake the turkey hangover too quickly
Scantily clad folks stealing lunch from the fridge while their cellphones bleat annoying ringtones are, surprisingly, not popular in the workplace
HR professionals need to learn how to spot symptoms, provide support for workers
Exit interviews with former MPs reveals need for good HR practices on Parliament Hill
Our exclusive Pulse Survey reveals employers aren’t too concerned about boomers retiring and some are hoping it happens sooner than later
Long-time Dalhousie professor calls it a day over a rather surprising reason, which raises the question: What's the most unusual reason for quitting you've heard from a worker?
Time for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to repeal laws making it OK to pay workers less than minimum wage
Canadians’ reluctance to embrace public transit, government’s refusal to build new roads carries high price tag for employers
Suddenly, everyone is talking – intelligently – about pensions
Some experts say open concept offices spur collaboration and innovation, others say ‘not so fast’
But innocent employers need help when defending frivolous claims in high-stakes game of chicken
Toronto grocery store worker writes latest chapter in the book of epic quits
Sorry tale of IQT Solutions underscores differences in Canadian, U.S. employment standards
Employers should embrace, encourage a culture where reporting wrongdoing is encouraged
Swiss 'political party' takes aim at the crutch of corporate communications
Article ideas come from obvious — and not so obvious — sources, and we’re always open to pitches from readers
HR might want to check out Russian bank’s new ATM with a built-in lie detector
Labour strife at Canada Post, Air Canada and gap between profit and wages may be canary in the coal mine
Worker who slept on the job, produced inferior parts and showed up late awarded $25,000 – even though employer proved just cause for termination
When the headline says 'surging profits' and the policies say 'austerity' it can be tough to breed engagement
Report finds blind spots in automaker’s legendary culture
We’re conducting a survey on incivility in the workplace – and we want your opinion
HRIA’s award dinner in Edmonton raises the question: Why are there so few nominations for HR awards?
When kids are on the payroll, ‘complaint-driven regulation’ doesn’t suffice
‘Dragon’ slays the crowd at the annual BC HRMA conference
Topping up pay for jurists is a best practice employers should emulate
Shine may be off lists, according to exclusive Canadian HR Reporter survey
Restaurant's alleged practices earn nomination for HR Worst Practice Hall of Shame
Vancouver’s living wage is $18.81 an hour; its current minimum wage is $8
When male CEOs have a daughter, the gender wage gap at their firm closes
Ontario MPPs sing praises of HR in legislature while discussing Bill 138
Employees aren’t the only ones who need a lesson on the boundaries of social media
Once thought to be untouchable, governments are now eying public sector unions as they move to control deficits
My BlackBerry doesn’t respect the human resources profession. Neither does yours.
Pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs) may not be a panacea, but they're a step in the right direction
CLV Reports is now Canadian Labour Reporter — and it has a new website
Anti-human resources venom in reader comments on newspaper website raises question: Why is HR such a popular punching bag?
For years, 2011 has been circled on employer's calendars — and now the pressure is on HR
Statistics Canada’s surprising job numbers, and the swagger coming from Detroit, are good harbingers for the economy
A look at the 10 most-viewed stories on Canadian HR Reporter's website