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2012 - Posts
End of year is a time to reflect back on what we did in 2012, spend time with family and friends
Like it or not, employers have an extra set of eyes and ears watching their employees
Only a handful of fathers take leave – except in Quebec, where something extraordinary is happening
Come visit Canadian HR Reporter at the Thomson Reuters booth at the Atlantic HR conference
HRSDC has identified the 4 most critical skills for human resources professionals
Hiring managers’ bias against unemployed workers shrinks talent pool
Some firms are looking at social media influence scores during the hiring process – it’s an intriguing modern twist on recruitment
CFOs — the ‘numbers people’ — care about HR metrics. A lot
CAW-CEP ‘super-union’ gets green light and could prove to be a game changer with its inclusive membership model
As influenza season approaches, the debate revs up around the merits of rolling up your sleeve
Bank of Canada governor blasts ‘dead money,’ Deloitte report calls for a reset of productivity trajectory – but culture of risk aversion has served Canada well
When it comes to safety, an ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure – something underscored at the Canada's Safest Employers awards
When the boss asks, the pressure is on to say yes — that’s a lesson Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should learn
Resurrecting mythic fighter jet from the 1950s could be innovation stimulus Canada sorely needs
Organized labour could recapture hearts, minds of public if proposed CAW-CEP 'mega-union' is successful in helping vulnerable workers
If juries like to punish employers for firing workers, why aren't more workers opting for them?
Outcome of fight between GM, CAW over pensions could dictate the future of DB plans in Canada
What brings a smile today can induce cringes tomorrow – something we found out while brainstorming cartoon ideas
Some employers are pushing the envelope of drug and alcohol testing for safety-sensitive positions
Consequences of turning a blind eye to wrongdoing can be severe – just ask Penn State
Coffee addicts continually clog my morning commute, regardless of the economy
Quebec’s decision to give $58 million loan guarantee to reopen mine not the example Canada should be setting
Candidates turn to funny videos, billboards and telegrams in effort to stand out
As the thermometer rises, so should employers’ (and managers’) tolerance for flex time
Pressure seems to be contagious with so many people feeling under the gun
Employers, retirees could be long-term losers if young people are unable to find work soon
Former Globe and Mail reporter Jan Wong’s saga of depression contains valuable lessons for employers
Forget the gimmicks like cash incentives for firms hiring older workers or screening out applicants using body mass index
Social media site’s powerful recruitment tools can reach coveted passive jobseekers, and help craft a perfect pitch – though it also exposes your staff to poaching
Facebook’s 'move fast and break things' sets the tone for innovation
Canadian HR Reporter launches app for Apple and Android devices – plus we've got a bonus for students
Ottawa creating advisory council to pave way for more women on corporate boards

Here we grow again

Apr 4, 2012
Teaming Canadian Occupational Safety magazine with Canadian HR Reporter a winning combination
Asking candidates to hand over Facebook passwords ‘akin to requiring someone’s house keys’: Lawyer
Whether or not you should pay an intern is an ethical question — but it could also be a legal one, as lawsuits and employment standards legislation shows

Firing a friend

Mar 7, 2012
Terminations are rough business for a manager – something made much worse when the worker is a friend (just ask Brian Burke)
Mathematical formula for determining reasonable notice in cases without complicating factors sounds appealing
We should be encouraging, not stifling, intelligent debate about policies, products and ideas
Cover letters are a must when applying for a job — just don’t be ‘that Wall Street guy’
HR professionals with designation make more money and promoted faster: Survey
Government mulls changes that could impact how long Canadians choose to stay in the workforce
Movement to curtail after-hours use of company-issued smartphones gaining momentum as concerns arise about unpaid overtime
German insurance firm’s reward for top employees brings to mind the Costanza defence