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2013 - Posts
Ontario vows to go it alone after feds nix enhanced CPP, and that’s no solution
Suicides of 4 military members within a week a disturbing reminder of mental health's high toll
Next Ontario election could alter course of labour movement across Canada
With growing intolerance for the pay gap between workers and CEOs, expect more poking and prodding from the public – including government
Rob Ford saga not about politics, it's about the damage a toxic leader can cause – even if he's getting results

Pausing to remember

Nov 11, 2013
Days like Nov. 11 help put modern-day problems into perspective
Sometimes good HR people are in a bad situation, through no fault of their own
30-second commercial pulls on heart strings, highlights perks everyone wants
Toronto firm derides HR, says CHRP ‘somewhat frowned upon’ in job posting for talent development manager
Animation company rolls out arguably the most viewed recruitment video ever
Video is latest chapter in the Book of Epic Resignations – and the company responds with its own video
Shocking underage rape chants at UBC, Saint Mary's mean HR has heavy lifting to do in orientation for new hires
Minor inconvenience to motorists well worth the safety boost for gas-station workers
U.K. man – late for everything from dates to funerals – diagnosed with 'chronic lateness'
Boards of directors, in dire need of human resource expertise, need to offer a seat to top professionals
Youth need jobs, hope for future so there will be no more Christopher Lanes or Delbert Beltons
AOL’s chief executive shows poor leadership in heat of the moment termination
Movement to unionize ‘vulnerable’ workers, increase wages grows – and this time it feels different
The calendar says 2013, our behaviour doesn’t
Lawsuits could kill valuable programs that serve as launching pads for young talent
Ontario Human Rights Commission makes right move in putting onus on employers to prove it’s a bona fide occupational requirement
Supreme Court of Canada leaves door open, but Irving case moves bar higher – and also proves random tests not necessary in most cases
As floodwater begins to recede in Calgary, firms with solid plans haven't missed a beat
Hard caps, attendance awards could incent wrong behaviour
Constant worry about losing jobs hurts bottom line, overall economy – but there’s light at the end of the tunnel
Be cynical if you wish, but recent moves by RBC, Loblaw and SNC-Lavalin are worth applauding
Canadian HR Reporter roundtable tackles critical topic - watch for June 3 issue for coverage
But don’t worry about productivity losses today – all the happy Senators fans (and the legions of Leaf-haters) will pick up the slack
New York real estate firm offers workers who get tattoo of company logo more money
In wake of Bangladesh tragedy, the heat is on all organizations to pay more than lip service to corporate social responsibility
Some employers in Canada are refusing to hire smokers
Too many established, upcoming HR professionals without university degree feel abandoned by their associations. Oh, and the CHRP should cover employment law too
Ottawa unhappy, public enraged over loss of 45 jobs to outsourcing firm using temporary foreign workers
From a GPA-type ranking for employees to working in space, students paint fascinating vision for the workplace
Think you can't afford to pay workers more than minimum wage? You might earn a 'QuikTrip' to bankruptcy or find a union sniffing around
Worker on stress leave fired after video shows him on the beach saving toddlers from a shark
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford does something no leader should ever do in response to an allegation
Silly Internet fad generates a lot of chuckles — though not everyone is laughing at the antics
Search engine company calls all its employees back to the office
One-third of HR professionals don't think designation is credible, finds recent Pulse Survey
With the stakes of making the wrong choice so high, hiring managers use plenty of tactics to find ultimate recruit
Ontario court ruling could have meant that ‘virtually every place in the province’ was a workplace
HMV followers treated to a live play-by-play of downsizing on U.K. company’s official Twitter feed
We're writing less stories about outsourcing these days, and more about the huge benefits of getting human resources right
Canadian HR Reporter will be at the Thomson Reuters booth at the annual Human Resources Professionals Association conference
Ontario’s human rights system gets passing grade in review, but question raised about whether policies should be mandatory for employers
Job numbers surprise, and good news for HR south of the border
Some companies with toxic workplaces, rude employees are thriving