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2011 - Posts
10 things I’d like to see in our stockings this year
23 suggestions for improving the performance management process
Sometimes academic teachings don’t match real world realities
Through a fundamental economic shift, some industries and vocations could prosper
Helping organizations comply with the law, maintain best practices, benchmark
Just when organizations need an engaged workforce the most, many have slashed budgets for things that boost engagement
Doing more with less, worries about job losses
Fines and penalties may force employers to develop training programs, rethink recruitment practices
Managed properly, direct sourcing helps organizations find excellent candidates and tap into the hidden job market
Holistic versus specialized programs, master’s degrees versus non-degree qualifications
Actions speak louder than words in taking HR to the next level
The role of line managers and others, particularly in smaller organizations
HR, hiring managers, organizations, candidates all part of the problem
Arguments for and against grad school in HR
Taking complaints seriously without encouraging whining
What to do with employees who work too long?
Many employers still fail to properly investigate alleged misconduct
Work-life balance can mean different things to different people
Recognizing HR professionals for a job well done
Combating negative, outdated HR stereotypes
Bona fide occupational requirements around accents, knowledge of certain languages
Organizations should offer dual career paths
Giving those with education and experience outside Canada the chance they deserve
By focusing on certain skills, HR can be more strategic and speak the language of business
HR neologisms –sometimes helpful, sometimes annoying
Communicating with Quebec employees; developing English-only policies
Treat people as individuals rather than stereotyping entire generations
Positive branding has internal, external implications
Occasional telecommuting can help employees focus on major deliverables, deal with life’s little challenges
With suitable precautions in mind, religious differences in the workplace should be accommodated and even celebrated by employers
By answering a few fundamental questions, training can be improved and better aligned with organizational goals
Turns out that course you took way back when may come in handy after all

Who's your master?

Apr 12, 2011
As HR professionals, do we owe our allegiance primarily to employees or to the organization?
Policy manuals protect organizations from liability, set expectations, provide organizational information and help promote company as an employer of choice
Introducing Canadian HR Reporter's new blog devoted to employment policies and best practices in human resources management