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2012 - Posts
Growing divide between cities, suburbs has implications for HR
While candidates can refuse to answer questions about salary history, such information can be useful to employers
Setting expectations, providing ‘bigger picture’ information important
Refusing to define yourself solely by your job
Command and control leadership still appropriate – at times
10 things many line managers just don't get
Suggestions for employers in dealing with workplace bullying
Helping employees manage their own careers
While transparency is usually the best policy, every organization is different
Exploring the distinction between management and human resources
When it comes to HR, everyone has an opinion
How HR can help boost productivity
Employers cannot afford to manage prized resource – people – in haphazard manner
It has a leadership role in driving CSR agenda
Cover letters, functional resumés and job hopping
Questioning prevailing wisdom around applying for jobs
‘Shortage’ may be largely the fault of employers
Changes in technology, roles of line managers may mean fewer HR professionals required
Wishes of line managers, executives send mixed messages
Student e-mailing picture of Nicholas Cage in place of her resumé highlights we’re all human
Canadians shouldn’t be content with being ‘hewers of wood and drawers of water’
How employers can help combat gridlock
Recommendations from part-time student
Overcoming issues surrounding reference checks
HR should get its own house in order before preaching to others
Workplace stress cited as top health risk facing employees
My reasons for writing a human resources blog
Preventing and accommodating Type 2 diabetes
Canada’s pre-eminent HR designation could use a bit of fine tuning
5 common succession planning mistakes
Learning from agile software development methodologies
Woes of the Toronto Maple Leafs provide lessons for HR professionals
Seeing the value of non-traditional HR backgrounds
The link between marketing and strategy, employer branding, promoting HR services
Best practices for rejecting unsuccessful candidates
While health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, HR has a role to play
Ensuring stressed out managers take time off, delegate, avoid micromanaging
The problem may actually be insufficient legal knowledge
U.K. work experience controversy highlights ethical dilemma for employers
Collaboration, consultation important in a union context
Managing risks with appropriate policies and safeguards
Awards dinner reaffirms why I went into human resources in first place
Diversity should include socioeconomic considerations
Findings from U.K. study on attitudes towards age
U.K. HR professional disciplined for posting resumé on LinkedIn
Coming into work when you’re not feeling 100 per cent, attendance management policies and programs