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2013 - Posts
Certain people ‘pigeonholed’ in their careers
How HR can help improve customer satisfaction
When is it time to think about setting up an HR function?
Bad experience highlights need for greater customer focus
Widespread resentment about pay may be accelerating our ‘race to the bottom’
People motivated by different things
Sometimes agreement can be just as dangerous as conflict
Calls for minimizing HR’s involvement in the hiring process
Job hunting no easier for HR practitioners
Several factors that frequently lead to success
Magnitude and pace of change require constant learning and adaptation
Not everyone is resistant to change
Questions for readers on things I’ve been thinking about lately
Legal, ethical requirements apply in Canada and abroad
Mechanic tweeting he could use a ‘spliff’ raises issues for employers
Generational clashes could have a negative impact on organizations
The fine line between being thought-provoking and controversial
The importance of grades to Canadian, U.S., U.K. employers
Changing norms mean such moves could someday be commonplace
Sometimes it’s OK if you don’t quite hit the mark
Google decides to stop using its famous ‘brainteasers’
The rationale behind training programs and personnel tasks
Culture not just something that’s important to HR
Assigning unusual job titles, unilaterally changing them
My personal experiences with an unusual job title (for HR)
Unlike law and accounting, HR has few predefined ‘workflows’
While it’s important to focus on education, some things can’t be taught in a classroom
While usually inappropriate, swearing can have its place
Paradoxically, low performers might actually be more engaged
Human touch still important in recruitment
Landing that all-important first job in human resources can be tough
They can be highly dependent on an employer's demographic makeup, industry, location and resources
Separating myth from reality in terms of who gets the ‘top job’
Why do people in certain specialties sometimes argue they aren’t ‘in HR?’
Education and training for the 21st century
Pros and cons of relying too much on the highest paid person’s opinion
Things organizations can do to make meetings more effective
Business travel, sleeping in the workplace and after-hours work
Culture, language, industry play a part
Innovative approach in Scotland dealt with problem of workers slacking off
While insisting on hiring such candidates may not be the best strategy, there are some things you can do to help find high quality candidates
Business casual policies, gender-specific dress codes and body art
No one is indispensable or stays forever in a role
Dealing with the rigidity inherent in the goal-setting process
Contracting the flu can be really unpleasant
In some cases, it’s not appropriate to reject candidates seen as ‘overqualified’