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Civility… really?

Dec 20, 2010
We say we want civil discourse, but what sells in the media suggests otherwise
To say a certain religion can’t ‘whoop it up’ in ways that don’t interfere with others who can simply ignore it or not participate is not only silly, but counterproductive
Some argue HR is a roadblock or a liability, but I’m not buying it
The New York Times' 'Budget Puzzle' provides a blueprint for simulations that could guide organizational decision-making
GE’s head of HR says he and CEO Jack Welch knew their top 600 managers intimately — and I believe them
The inconvenient stats show new talent is going to need some help and time to settle in, adapt and start to contribute… and it may take some concerted effort to coach them if that is to happen
HR may have to distance themselves from fluffy concepts to get in good with senior teams, but don’t underestimate the impact wellbeing can have on bottom-line results
The fall of the CEO at Tribune shows we still lack courage, common sense to stifle inappropriate workplace behaviour
Courtney Pratt, HR vice-president turned CEO, shares his insights — and the secret to success is really quite simple
Leaders don’t have to socialize a lot or even actually like people, but they needs skills to relate effectively
The “telling” style of leadership is, finally, giving way in the modern workplace
Will moose hunting, skydiving or the ability to debone a duck get you the job?
Knowing workers’ hobbies and interests may help a company find the best person for a task
Perhaps we should rename HR the ‘human signals’ department and start picking up on people's frustrations
The clearest signals that it's time for a leadership change are often things HR will notice first
Individual leaders are the main stumbling block, and even the best — who know exactly what they should do — have been known to misstep
New kind of 'humble hero' isn't afraid to ask for help and will back good ideas from subordinates
Huge health and safety fines make the news, as does MMA coming to Ontario — what happened to the new workplace violence legislation and health and safety laws?

Who trusts whom?

Jul 26, 2010