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2012 - Posts
We need balance, but can't get frozen in immobility
Balance is often misunderstood as it applies to leadership
Debate over getting more students into science, engineering and out of arts is not an either/or issue

Work-life balance

Nov 26, 2012
You can control balance as much as you need to
Once a decade, there's a business book worth reading and remembering
Today's recommendations for 'strategic' HR often don't go far enough
There has to be a better way to spread some great ideas we overlook
Some new books are great, but why don't we know this?
Some CEOs get it, some don't
In the wake of comments by Jack Welch and David Siegel, why is there so much encouragement to believe everything CEOs say?
You certainly need to encourage people to action, but push? Maybe not
Managers really can give up control – and keep it at the same time
Change is fine for others – or when we choose it for ourselves – but not when we haven't asked for it
'Safety first' really needs to be understood as having 2 meanings and 2 valuable contributions to make
Who will change organizations so they can actually use all this data?
'Big data' all the rage - in theory - but will it actually help HR?
We can help different personalities get along, but often they find their own ways
Mid-level people need support and encouragement to take risks if we are to innovate in organizations
Getting key strategies in perspective helps prioritize what's more important
CEOs believe in what it takes, but do they deliver?
Some authors may be pushing books out to the public too quickly
A workable standard for comparing HR results between organizations is being developed – watch this video for details
As with legislated rules, rigid measurement doesn't capture diverse human behaviour
Here's a hint: It isn't the technology or the policies and principles around it
Social HR is coming, like it or not, but how do we engage sensibly?
We have chance to lead but are we keeping on top of changing options?
Sometimes the better solutions are more or less obvious than the knee jerk attempt to write rules
There aren't 6 styles but a blend of ingredients that makes for successful leadership
There are many leadership myths out there
Even students planning to enter the workforce anticipate leadership styles have to change
It's a subject that can't be ignored, so the time has come to get at it
A brand new book captures the leadership 'how to' that's been missing
Why are we still surprised by the need to eliminate silos?
The only way to close the 'knowing-doing gap' is for executives to change
Do women on boards create more risks? Are bank researchers grasping at straws?
Are extroverts actually better than introverts, or do we need both?
Despite legal worries, many employers are peeking at social media websites – but what can they conclude?
How long will we continue to ask this question?
Keeping up with pace of innovation takes more than one person, making leadership a key need
No matter which way you slice it, people and leadership can't be offloaded
Don't always assume HR is to blame when your product doesn't get purchased
Secrecy versus transparency is a key issue for every industry to assess
The saga of GM is a contest 'as important to future strategies in HR as any in history'
My new resolution: Try to be more humorous, even though it's HR
With continually better arguments, is it time to put a foot down?
Be careful where laying blame – or it could happen again
Odd exceptions that stretch the rule can be instructive
Does it have to be either/or proposition?
We need to help managers understand what metrics are useful and how to apply them
Expect controversy on his new book Great by Choice, which is an excellent addition to strategic thinking
'Nice guys' don't seem very leader-like — but aren't success stories like ING CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow worth emulating?