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Oil and Gas HR Summit

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OIL&GAS HR3 SUMMIT - Rotate, Redevelop & Retain

Fleming Europe is proud to announce its OIL GAS HR3 SUMMIT while putting the main focus on talent rotation, redevelopment and retention.

By joining us for these 2 Days you will learn about:

Exploiting the years of experience and knowledge of retiring senior professionals
Efficient recruiting and replacing just-in-time whenever needed
Leveraging new collaboration and technology synergies for on-the-job knowledge sharing
Restructuring & "Rightsizing” the workforce & the plants due to shutdowns and turnarounds
Preserving the technical know-how in a holistic strategy with key stakeholders
Ensuring an attractive career path with a strong employer brand as well as
HR policies and the ’Compensations Dilemma’ driven by oil price fluctuations

while revealing the practice-oriented implementations at your workplace!
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Fleming Europe
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Ada Tobias
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421 257 272 137

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