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Employment Law Update — What’s Happening and What Do You Need to Know?

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Join the discussion with our employment law experts who will fill you in on the latest recent trends and developments in employment and labour law.

Topics to be discussed include:

•Largest ever punitive damages award in a wrongful dismissal case
•Hiring a former employee and potential “prior service” baggage
•Are WCB benefits deductible from wrongful dismissal damages?
•Clear wording required to prevent former employee from accepting former employer’s clients
•Court finds transfer of employee to location two hours away did not constitute constructive dismissal
•Is there a duty to mitigate when termination pay entitlement is specified in the employment agreement?
•What length of notice of resignation should be given by a key employee?
•Is an employee who refuses to work during the notice period entitled to wrongful dismissal damages?
•Is it possible for an employer to be held liable if an employee becomes disabled during the reasonable notice period?
•and more
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Canadian HR Reporter and HRIA
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