Making benefits count

How to make sure investments in group benefits are not lost on employees through ineffective communication
By Chris Lee
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/11/2017
Creating effective employee communications means thinking through who you’re talking to, and what they can effectively absorb. Credit: Canadian HR Reporter illustration (Shutterstock)

 On the best day, understanding the full spectrum of a group benefits and retirement plan is challenging, even for the most engaged employees. But it’s a substantial and necessary investment to ensure an organization is competitive for top talent and employees are healthy and productive.

Benefits such as health, dental, vision care, mental health, wellness, insurance, drugs and disability are all important forms of compensation to signal an employer brand cares about employees.

So it’s worth your while to make sure employees appreciate the value of the things you cover — many will not know what their EAP covers or what “AD&D” is or how to save on pharmacy dispensing fees.