Changing gears to get results

DIALOG sees immediate results in abandoning annual performance reviews
By Tania Oppedisano
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/21/2017
DIALOG Employees
DIALOG employees are benefitting from their employer’s decision to abandon annual performance reviews and the five-point rating system in favour of developmental conversations. Credit: DIALOG

As employers evolve, HR is becoming increasingly recognized as a crucial player in ensuring a corporation’s longevity and success.

And as employers vie for top talent on a global scale, there is a growing evidence that employee engagement, satisfaction and well-being directly affect employee retention rates and performance. As a result, it’s slowly becoming easier to justify the desire of HR executives to push boundaries, be creative and innovate long-standing, out-of-date organizational and performance management tools.

One of the most common systems used to measure employee satisfaction and rate performance management behaviour is the awkward, anxiety-inducing annual performance reviews. Employers spend a significant amount of time and money on these reviews, but is all the effort worth it if they don’t really create behavioural changes, improve retention or impact the bottom line?