A tale of 2 companies

Demise of Target, Sears highlights retailers’ different corporate values
By Steve Elliot
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/08/2017

It was the best of times for employees of one company; it was the worst of times for loyal employees at another. Sorry to plagiarize Charles Dickens but it strikes me that the tales of Target Canada and Sears Canada are somewhat eerily similar.

It was January 2015 and Target announced it was ceasing its Canadian operations. This was after two years of investing and trying to make it work in this country. Target sought and was granted creditor protection.

Target had always been about its team members, and here is where the company showed its true values. In an unprecedented move, the company announced it was putting aside $175 million dollars for all team members to receive full pay from January until May. It didn’t matter if an employee was staying until the bitter end or if the company no longer required her services — there were no strings attached.