Company culture can outweigh pay: Poll

Many would take ideal job even with cut in wages
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/16/2017

When considering a move to a new employer, many workers are placing a greater emphasis on a strong corporate culture, over and above the value of pay packages, according to a survey from recruiting firm Hays Canada.

When it comes to switching jobs, the pay package is less important, as 73.4 per cent of workers would accept a pay cut if they found their ideal job. Millennials would accept a slashed salary of more than 10 per cent for that perfect position.

“When people were making decisions on whether to stay or whether to leave, and whether to take a new job on, the weighting they were giving to salary on its own had reduced and they put more weighting into things like career progression, company culture,” according to Rowan O’Grady, president of Hays Canada in Toronto.