Takeaways from ‘the Google memo’

Dismissal of engineer provides lessons on corrosive behaviour, codes of conduct
By Celia Featherby
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/16/2017

The Google “debacle” involving an employee’s memo on diversity, and his subsequent dismissal, caused quite a stir. And David Creelman of Creelman Research provided his opinion in the Sept. 4 issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

I’d like to offer some additional points for HR practitioners to consider, so we can learn from this incident, plan for similar future circumstances, and be proactive inside our own organizations so we are aligned with the relevant laws and human rights legislation.

First, here’s a quick recap: A Google employee, James Damore, wrote and posted on Google’s intranet a 10-page memo to all staff called “Google’s ideological echo chamber” in which he decried Google’s stated commitment to diversity, using information he claimed was drawn from scientific research.