Using tech to find, retain best talent

Advances in technology have completely reshaped how companies recruit workers
By Marcus Mossberger
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/11/2017

Most organizations are recognizing the significant headwinds impacting their ability to find, maintain and grow the talent they need to meet future demand. North America is experiencing the lowest unemployment rates since the global recession (Canada is currently at 6.7 per cent, the United States is at 4.9 per cent and Mexico is at 3.4 per cent).

Worker demographics have reached a tipping point as millennials begin to replace baby boomers to make up the largest percentage of the workforce. Add on top of this a new administration in the U.S., a global wave of nationalism (as seen with Brexit), questions about trade policy and a protectionist mindset around jobs, and there are serious implications about how employers will need to evolve to survive (and even thrive). Talent technology must play a key role.

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