Keeping remote work secure

Company culture, policies, education, training and IT infrastructure
By Michael Murphy
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/18/2017
Remote Work
Security is a top barrier for business leaders when it comes to fully adopting less traditional working styles. Credit: SFIO CRACHO/SunnySideUp (Shutterstock)

Throughout the summer, companies likely saw an increase in the number of employees who chose to capitalize on the freedom to work remotely. Summer often means more flexible schedules — from working on a patio to working in-between errands or checking in with the office from the cottage.

More employees are requesting flexible work policies to enhance productivity and work-life balance. Companies, recognizing those same benefits, are granting them just that.

While new apps and devices offer benefits for the employer and employee in the realm of remote work, companies must ensure their corporate culture, policies and technology evolve equally as fast to address and overcome modern challenges. Both flexible work and security have become drivers of business value, and companies that thrive in both areas will become the true leaders of the mobile movement.