Greenhalgh steps down as HRPA’s CEO

Leader was driving force behind Ontario’s self-regulation, competency framework model
By Marcel Vander Wier
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/02/2017
Bill Greenhalgh
Bill Greenhalgh has stepped down as HRPA's CEO. Credit: HRPA

Bill Greenhalgh’s time of transforming Ontario’s Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) has come to an end. He resigned as CEO of the 24,000-member association last month.

Effective Oct. 1, longtime HRPA vice-president of finance and information technology, Gary Monk, has assumed the role of interim CEO, with a formal search for a permanent replacement expected to follow.

“There comes a time for everything,” said Greenhalgh, 70. “I’ve been with the association coming up to 12 years and I’d never intended to stay that long. Seven years after I thought I would leave, it’s time to leave.”