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From the pages of HR Reporter
Sep 24, 2012 Print Edition:
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Manager wins wrongful dismissal case after forklift incident
Proposed changes focus on trades, language skills, younger immigrants
Voluntary, education-based approach preferred: Union
Alberta, mining, oil and gas industry expecting highest gains
New EI benefit; Proposed accessibility legislation in manitoba
Two-thirds of employers say retention of high performers ‘significant’ challenge
Work environment, times of change contribute to insider sabotage
Leaders who are sponsored more likely to help develop others: Catalyst report
Deutsche Telekom, Shanda embrace principles of evidence-based change
Rates for absences, vacancies, resignations and fewer resources provide proof
Molson Coors Canada connects with employees through various online platforms
Equal rates for similar jobs in different jurisdictions can have unintended consequences
Firms relying solely on job boards run risk of missing out on ‘enviable, engaged’ workforce
Can provide greater insight, transparency, accountability and ROI
Law firm partner claimed firm discriminated against him based on age
Resurrecting mythic fighter jet from the 1950s could be innovation stimulus Canada sorely needs
Employees also have rights, obligations when resigning from their posts
How much would you pay a worker for 9 minutes, 25 seconds of overtime?
1 in 3 workers would quit without opportunity for personal development
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