Expensive housing options make recruitment a challenge

Employers provide incentives to woo workers in Vancouver, Toronto
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 08/08/2017

Chris Dunne, a business development manager at Elemental, a Toronto marketing agency, is having no luck upgrading from his one-bedroom condo.

“To get a detached in the city, the price range is so high right now that you’re either going to have to buy something that’s a fixer-upper and put half-a-million bucks into it, and you are going to end up paying a million-plus to get a small, two-bedroom duplex in an outskirt neighbourhood,” he said.

“Finding a suitable space, with a small bit of green space to call our own is becoming tough. If push came to shove over the next few years, and we couldn’t find (anything) — particularly when we do have kids — we would probably relocate somewhere else outside of Toronto just because it’s so unaffordable right now.”