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Megan Burkett, a lawyer in Keyser Mason Ball's HR law group, talks about what essential items should be included in employee handbooks and common mistakes employers make.
Feb 26, 2015
Todd Humber, associate publisher and managing editor of Canadian HR Reporter, recently moderated a special roundtable on succession planning. In this, part 1 of a 3-part series, we look at the importance of planning and getting management on board.
Feb 23, 2015
The Federal Court of Appeal recently upheld the ruling in Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. That ruling - hailed as a 'monumental decision' - overturns 40 years of arbitral law and says federally regulated employers may dismiss employees without cause. Anastasiya Jogal reports
Feb 17, 2015
Nick Bontis, an associate professor at McMaster University, discusses highlights from his keynote speech at the recent HRPA conference. Sarah Dobson reports
Feb 10, 2015
Cameron Laker, CEO and founder of Mindfield, talks about recruitment and his recent session at the HRPA conference. Sarah Dobson report
Feb 3, 2015
Mike Walsh, one of the keynote speakers at the HRPA conference, gives his thoughts on the workplace impact of the cloud. Liz Bernier reports
Jan 27, 2015
Social media recruitment guru Shahid Wazed presented a session at the 2015 HRPA conference. Liz Bernier reports
Jan 19, 2015
Simon Parkin, HR solutions practice leader at The Talent Company, shares some new recruitment trends with Canadian HR Reporter
Jan 15, 2015
Target will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after its launch — hopes to give employees minimum 16-week packages. Katharine Jackson reports
Jan 13, 2015
Sundeep Gokhale, a partner at Sherrard Kuzz, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV how the changing labour movement is influencing the ways unions are organizing in Canadian workplaces
Jan 5, 2015
Robert Levasseur, senior consultant and principal at McDowell Associates, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter TV to discuss some of the most significant challenges around executive compensation.
Dec 29, 2014
It might not look the most comfortable seat in the house, but the designer of this dynamic desk chair hopes it will get office workers moving while they work
Dec 12, 2014
The second video in the three-part series on healthy workplaces features Howard Levitt, a partner with Levitt and Grosman, discussing legal headaches related to poor corporate cultures.
Dec 9, 2014
The latest U.S. jobs report showed wages are finally going up, as employers added the largest number of workers in nearly three years in November. Bobbi Rebell reports.
Dec 4, 2014
In part 1 of our 3-part series, our roundtable panellists talk about how to define and measure the culture of an organization.
Nov 24, 2014
Foreign-trained professionals can offer diverse perspectives and a wealth of talent — yet not all employers are taking advantage of this talent source. Jelena Zikic sat down with Canadian HR Reporter TV to explain how hiring immigrant professionals can create competitive advantage for your organization.
Emergency preparedness
Nov 17, 2014
Vice-president at HZX Business Continuity Planning and director on the board of the Disaster Recovery Institute Canada and the Toronto chapter of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange Ann Wyganowski talks about what businesses can do to protect their human resources in times of emergency — and why it's important to be prepared.
Nov 11, 2014
Janet Walsh, CEO of Birchtree Global, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV the vital role HR plays when an organization begins operating overseas
Nov 3, 2014
Cynthia Ingram, a lawyer with Keyser Mason Ball, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV what the components of thorough workplace investigations include.
Oct 20, 2014
Colleen Burns, influencer engagement manager at IBM, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter TV to talk about how social technologies can boost engagement among your employees — and your customers.
Employee Engagement
Oct 6, 2014
In this third installment of our employee engagement roundtable video series, our expert panel talks about how engagement programs can be built to survive difficult times.
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