Feds launch ‘Sit Kicker’ initiative

Funding for up to 1,500 employers meant to combat effects of sedentary behaviour
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/01/2017

The federal government wants workers to “kick the sit” out of their daily routine by getting up and standing every 30 minutes while on the job.

The “Sit Kicker” initiative will see the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) allocate $1,164,360 over two years for as many as 1,500 businesses to order two free sit-to-stand work desks and work towards “more stand-friendly physical work environments.”

“The target audience is principally workplaces where there is a high degree of sedentary behaviours, so it tends to be desk-bound or office environments, where we know that people are sitting for long stretches of the day,” said Paul Estey, chief innovation officer at Public Inc. in Toronto, the public relations firm tasked with rolling out the program.