Overworked, sick employee in Alberta wrongfully dismissed for not doing job

Work piled up after company opened four new offices, while also cutting staff
By Jeffrey Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/01/2017

An Alberta company that fired a worker for non-performance — after getting rid of people who helped him and he fell ill — owes the man six months’ pay in lieu of notice, the Alberta Provincial Court has ruled.

Dindo Tipon was hired by Fleet Brake Parts & Services, an Edmonton-based heavy truck parts and services provider, in April 2011 to be a safety training officer. His responsibilities included managing the safety requirements of four Alberta offices and maintaining Fleet Brake’s certificate of recognition (COR) certification. This involved thorough safety audits performed both by the company and external auditors, and maintaining ongoing safety records.

Such certification provided credibility for the company as a safety leader, discounted workers’ compensation premiums, and certain government clients required it. These duties required Tipon to travel frequently between branches.