No discounts for Walmart

Company ordered to pay $750,000 in moral, punitive damages to former executive
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/01/2018
Walmart’s behaviour was “not just unduly insensitive, it was mean,” said Justice Michael Emery in a recent decision. Credit: Sarah Dobson

An executive at Walmart Canada who suffered considerable distress in a drawn-out dismissal saw some relief recently after being awarded $750,000 in moral and punitive damages — one of the largest such awards in Canadian employment law.

“This is about how not to dismiss an employee,” said Natalie MacDonald, owner and founder of MacDonald & Associates in Toronto, who represented the plaintiff, Gail Galea.

“This is about how not to embarrass and humiliate an employee, and about how an organization must conduct itself throughout as appropriate.”