The Weird Workplace

A collection of unusual and quirky stories from across Canada and around the world

The Weird Workplace
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EPPING, N.H. — Special orders are never encouraged at fast food restaurants — it’s just too much hassle for workers trying to keep things moving. But two workers at an outlet in Epping, N.H., apparently were OK with one particular request, according to Fox News. Local police say the Burger King employees were using the drive-thru to sell marijuana. Apparently, customers would first ask if “nasty boy” was working, and if he was there, buyers would then use the code phrase “French fries extra crispy.” A coffee cup containing marijuana would then be presented at the drive-thru window. Not surprisingly, both the worker and the shift manager were arrested.


CANADA — Many Loblaws shoppers have been tricked into signing up for credit cards, according to an investigative report by CBC News. Three men working for SDI Marketing, which was hired by PC Financial to have Loblaws customers sign up for MasterCards, said they often misled customers. They would tell people they were signing up for free PC points, a bag of cookies or an information package, when really they were scanning customers’ personal IDs and submitting applications for credit cards. “It was mostly do whatever means necessary to get them to sign up for a credit card,” said one man who recently left the job after two years. All three said the deception was condoned by SDI management. “They knew exactly what all the salesmen were saying in the field to get those high numbers of applications and they just turned a blind eye.” The men said they had no training for the job and were hired after a two-minute phone call. They said they were often pressured to sign up 50 customers in a six-hour shift.


PAWHUSKA, OKLA. — It’s not always easy for substitute teachers to catch the attention of students, but one woman succeeded recently in Pawhuska, Okla. During a high school choir class, 34-year-old Lacey Sponsler performed a cartwheel — apparently without wearing any underwear underneath her skirt. A Snapchat video of the incident was shared online, according to KJRH-TV. The school quickly released a statement saying the district takes the safety of its students seriously and Sponsler was no longer allowed to work at the school. And the local police department subsequently arrested the woman for indecent exposure, but it wasn’t Sponsler’s first brush with the law — in 2008, she received a deferred sentence after pleading guilty to public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a university.


CIRENCESTER, U.K. — Funky workspaces are all the rage these days as employers try to keep employees content. But Chris Morling, founder of price comparison website, has excelled in that regard. He was recently named “Britain’s best boss,” according to the Jakarta Post, and has crafted a lavish workplace for his workers. A renovated castle, it features a playground office, a private cinema, a games console, flat screen TVs and free breakfasts. Workers also enjoy luxury vacations and bonuses of at least 45 per cent of their annual salary. The company’s workforce grew from seven to 50 over seven years, and in looking to build the ideal workplace, Morling tried to address the preferences of staff. “Some people want to stand while they work, some people want to work alone. Ultimately, it boils down to creating a space where you feel comfortable.”


MEXICO — Mexican TV tends to be less conservative than other broadcasts, but a TV presenter managed to shock some viewers recently when she decided to show off her tattoo. Claudia Guajardo, a popular weather woman, caused a stir when she lifted her dress and pulled down her short-shorts underwear to reveal the marking on her thigh. A fellow presenter had encouraged the move after she admitted she had shown another colleague the tattoo earlier. Another woman in the studio yelled at Guajardo to stop, but producers played sexy music to accompany the striptease. Guajardo regularly posts selfies of herself on social media, according to the Mirror, and she posted a screen grab of the revealing moment on Instagram where she has 119,000 followers.

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