Unofficial 'Work from Home Day': June 1

Working same hours, planning ahead increases productivity
||Last Updated: 04/20/2011

Workopolis is encouraging employees and employers to adopt June 1 as Work from Home Day.

Discussion about a National Work from Home Day began at the federal level of government last fall, and now more than 65,000 Canadians have pledged their support for the campaign. This unofficial Work from Home Day is being established to continue encouraging the government to implement a National Work from Home Day, said Workopolis.

Eight out of 10 Canadians said they would work from home if they could, according to a recent report from the Telework Research Network, and the latest Statistics Canada data shows 1.4 million employees in the country already work at home at least part of the time, said Workopolis.

"Working from home is already embedded into our modern corporate DNA," said Gabriel Bouchard, president of Workopolis. "With secure technology, trust and clear policies in place it's never been easier for Canadians to work remotely. We are simply encouraging Canadians from coast to coast to demonstrate the increased productivity, decreased environmental strain and strengthened quality of life that is associated with working from home."

Tips for maximizing productivity for employees working from home on June 1:

Establish a schedule: Encourage employees to keep work hours similar to the ones in the office.

Keep the lines of communication clear: Ask employees to provide the best telephone number to reach them on that day.

Plan ahead: Remind employees to take the appropriate work home and determine beforehand if they can access the network remotely.

Set up a dedicated workspace: Encourage employees to set up a well-lit and comfortable workspace with everything they need to do their job.

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