Most workers looking for dream job: Survey

Many want to be challenged, inspired at work
||Last Updated: 05/11/2011

A solid majority (82 per cent) of workers in the United States believe there is a dream job out there for them and 83 per cent of them are actively seeking that job. That’s according to a Monster Workplace Survey of 2,900 people in the U.S., with almost one-half working full or part time.

"The results of this survey are in stark contrast to where seekers were a year ago, especially psychologically. Seekers were just happy to be gainfully employed at that time — ready to simply ride things out until the economy turned around — despite how happy they were in their current position," said Jesse Harriott, chief knowledge officer at Monster Worldwide.

"But, as these survey results highlight, now is very much the time for seekers to take control of their careers, leveraging that newfound optimism to enact changes — either in their current job or in a new job entirely. Hand-in-hand with that, employers need to be ready to support that appetite for change and growth that today's workforce is clamouring for."

When asked what they want this year, 41 per cent of respondents want to be challenged and inspired by their jobs while 17 per cent want to make a difference in their jobs and another 17 per cent said salary is a driver. Leadership status (15 per cent) came last, found the survey.

All told, 78 per cent of employed respondents are looking for the next step in their career and 65 per cent of all survey respondents feel fairly confident they'll find it this year. However, this confidence varies by generation: Baby boomer (61 per cent) and gen-X (69 per cent) confidence levels dip slightly, as compared to gen-Y seekers who are generally more optimistic (75 per cent).

But employers shouldn’t necessarily expect a mass exodus by employees, said Monster. Instead, they should anticipate employees are anxious for a change in their careers — whether that is a job promotion or an opportunity to mentor junior team members or take on new tasks that make them feel challenged and passionate about their jobs again.

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