Researchers refute stereotypes of millennials’ work attitudes

Attitudes quite positive, only slight generational differences
||Last Updated: 07/29/2011

Despite the common stereotype that millennials are malcontent at work, new research shows they actually stand common ground with their older counterparts.

The the study, Attitude? What Attitude? by the Kenexa High Performance Institute (KHPI) in the United States revealed 60 per cent of millennials are extremely satisfied with their employers, according to a survey of more than 30,000 people across the working-age spectrum worldwide.

Even more (63 per cent) said they have opportunities for growth and development at their companies. In contrast, baby boomers cite their overall satisfaction levels at 54 per cent and only 49 per cent when it comes to growth opportunities. Generation X tracks similarly at 54 per cent and 51 per cent, respectively, found the survey.

“The differences between millennials and their older counterparts are shockingly slight. HR professionals and managers should take heart — there are huge opportunities to be capitalized on when it comes to leveraging the positive outlooks of millennials,” said Rena Rasch of KHPI, research manager.

The study also found millennials did not expect preferential treatment and were not apt to be difficult to manage, contrary to common stereotypes.

“In some key areas, the research suggests that the millennials may even turn out to better employees and, eventually, better employers than their predecessors,” said Rasch.

Today’s workforce is comprised of baby boomers (born 1943-1960), generation X (born 1961-1981) and millennials (born 1982-2003). There are more than 80 million millennials in the U.S. alone and while many of them are already in the workforce, the rest are on the verge of entering it, said KHPI.

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