Employees don’t think working part-time will hurt their career opportunities: Survey

Majority also say management positions shouldn’t be possible while working part-time
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 09/12/2011

One-half of male workers and 59 per cent of female employees in Canada believe working part-time will not negatively impact their career opportunities, according to Randstad Canada’s latest Global Workmonitor survey, which surveyed 29 countries each with a sample size of 400 employees.

"Part-time or flexible work arrangements are a fantastic option for many jobseekers that are challenged with work-life balance or who struggle with the feeling of being tied down to one role,” said Stacy Parker, executive vice-president of marketing at Randstad Canada. “Many part-time workers enjoy multiple positions with different companies, which can add a great deal to one's resume, experience and reputation."

Twelve per cent of male workers and 11 per cent of female employees in Canada currently work part-time.

While some countries surveyed believe management positions should be possible while working part-time, Canadian respondents strongly disagree. Sixty-nine per cent of male employees and 65 per cent of female respondents said they do not believe working part-time is possible in a management position, found the survey.

At the end of the day, it's important to look beyond the misconceptions and start seeing the many benefits of part-time work, said Parker.

When a part-time employee and an external jobseeker apply for the same positions, the chances are the employer is going to choose the part-time candidate as she already has experience and understands and fits into the corporate culture, she said.

Many employers move part-time positions into full time once they have seen employees’ skills and that they can add value to the company, said Parker.

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