Friends, family main reasons why employees resist relocation: Survey

Job security, salary increase can entice employees to relocate
||Last Updated: 11/18/2011

The top reason why Canadians will not relocate to another city is because they do not want to leave friends and family behind, according to a recent survey by ipsos Reid.

Thirty-eight per cent of respondents said they do not want to leave friends and family behind, while not being offered enough money (33 per cent) and current job satisfaction (27 per cent) followed closely behind as the most important reasons for not wanting to relocate for work, found the survey.

Globally, 33 per cent of respondents said their number one reason for not relocating to another city was that a 10 per cent raise  was not enough money to justify a move. Not wanting to leave friends and family came in at a close second at 30 per cent followed by current job satisfaction (25 per cent) and the inability for the spouse/partner to move with them (21 per cent), found the survey.

Of those who were willing to consider relocating to another city, the majority (55 per cent) of Canadians said they would do it for better pay, while a new adventure (26 per cent) and a good career move (26 per cent) followed closely behind. Globally, better pay is also ranked as the number one reason for relocating (49 per cent) followed by a better standard of living (32 per cent) and better living conditions (29 per cent).

Around the world, when respondents were asked if they were willing to relocate to another city, for a minimum of two years, with at least a 10 per cent pay raise and all moving expenses covered, it was the married (34 per cent), lower income (34 per cent), lower educated (33 per cent), and younger male (33 per cent) respondents who said they were very likely to relocate. In terms of country breakdowns, Mexico tops the list as 44 per cent of respondents from that country say they would be willing to relocate under those circumstances. Sweden ranks lowest in terms of respondents indicating a willingness to move while Canada sits in middle with 20 per cent of Canadian respondents open to relocating to another city. 

And when it comes to moving to another country, the results show Canadians are even less willing to relocate. Only 10 per cent said they would make the move. While Mexico tops the list, once again, with 34 per cent of respondents from that country indicating they would be willing to move to another country for a job.

Canadians (34 per cent) and global respondents (35 per cent) agree the number one factor that would sway them to relocate is the guarantee that they could move back to their current role after two years with further relocation assistance. Of all respondents, 31 per cent also list a 10 per cent raise as the second most important reason they would be more likely to relocate.

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