Adopting adoption benefits

Two of the major barriers for families who want to adopt are the cost of the adoption process and the time needed away from work.
By Ann Vincola
|CHRR, Guide to Pensions & Benefits|Last Updated: 06/27/2001

Janice has always wanted children. At 35, she has decided to adopt and become a single parent. But, she is worried how can she take on the role of single mother while balancing her career? What will the adoption process entail? How will she handle the financial aspects of the adoption?

Fortunately for Janice, her employer offers adoption benefits. Not only will her employer contribute advice and assistance, it will reimburse her for up to $3,000 of any adoption-related expenses. The employer provides a standard four weeks of adoption leave during which she and the child can bond. Once she returns to work, Janice’s employer offers flextime to help her juggle her new schedule.

Janice is lucky, and so are a growing number of American-employees. Adoption benefits are not new and the number of U.S. firms that provide these benefits is steadily rising. Unfortunately for Canadians this trend has not yet reached north of the border, even though Canadian business often takes its lead from the U.S.