CHRPs promoted faster, earn larger salary: Study

Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton see biggest pay difference
||Last Updated: 02/08/2012

Certified Human Resources Professionals (CHRPs) have increased career opportunities and greater earning potential than HR professionals without the designation, according to a study produced by PayScale on behalf of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA).

In comparing results for HR professionals with and without a CHRP over a five-year period, it found CHRPs are promoted faster, hired by larger organizations and earn more than their counterparts without a CHRP.

For example:
•45 per cent of HR generalists with CHRPs became HR managers (versus 21 per cent of non-CHRPs)
•26 per cent of HR assistants with CHRPs became HR managers (versus eight per cent of non-CHRPs)
•23 per cent of HR managers with CHRPs became HR directors, (versus 13 per cent of non-CHRPs).

“For white-collar jobs, there are only a few ways you can improve your pay and certifications are a top way to do that,” said Katie Bardaro, analytics manager at online salary database

In terms of overall promotions, CHRPs fared considerably better than non-CHRPs — especially among administrators, generalists and managers. Over five years:
•47 per cent of CHRP administrators were promoted (compared to 25 per cent of non-CHRPs)
•51 per cent of CHRP generalists were promoted (compared to 25 per cent of non-CHRPs)
•25 per cent of CHRP managers were promoted (compared to 14 per cent of non-CHRPs).

In terms of pay, CHRPs enjoyed more earning power over their non-CHRP counterparts, found The Value of a CHRP: More Promotions and Better Pay. CHRP HR administrators earned a median annual salary of $44,300 (versus $41,700 for non-CHRPs), CHRP HR generalists earned a median salary of $52,600 (versus $49,100) and CHRP HR managers earned 16 per cent more than non-CHRPs with a media salary of $72,900 (versus $63,100).

The study also looked at CHRP frequency in management positions, CHRP prevalence at larger companies, and CHRP/non-CHRP pay comparisons by Canadian city and industry. Across the board, CHRPs enjoyed an advantage over non-designated HR professionals.

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