Workers have mixed feelings about working from home

One-third expect to telework less in 2012: Survey
||Last Updated: 02/09/2012

Canadian employees have mixed feelings when it comes to working from home in 2012, according to Randstad's latest Global Workmonitor, surveying at least 400 employees in each of 29 countries,

Almost one-third (31 per cent) of Canadians said they expect to work more from home in 2012, while 36 per cent said they expect to work less.

Worldwide, nearly one-third of employees indicated they expect to be working from home more in 2012, found Randstad. This is especially the case in India (62 per cent) and Mexico (63 per cent).

But roughly 40 per cent of employees across the globe expect to be working from home less in 2012, especially in China where 74 per cent of employees said they expect to work from home less than they did in 2011.

Working from home doesn't suit all jobs or sectors, according to Jan Hein Bax, president of Randstad Canada.

"There are some sectors where teleworking is impossible —- retailers, construction workers, manufacturers —- (and) there are certain roles where people must be at the workplace,” he said.

"A good work life-balance is a key factor for Canadians when looking for an employer. But flexibility can mean more than just allowing employees access to work from home, it can be better access to wireless networks for commuters, flexible working schedules or daycare facilities in the workplace. Those are just a few of the alternatives that also help workers get achieve more flexibility.''

As the workforce continues to shrink, it's important for businesses to find creative ways to leverage the skills of talented, productive employees, said Bax.

"Assessing how to best adapt to the ever-evolving needs of Canadian employees will be a critical task for employers looking to attract and retain the best talent."


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