Two-thirds of employees unsatisfied with current job: Survey

Offering career development opportunities can boost satisfaction
||Last Updated: 05/25/2012

Job satisfaction is low among employees in North American, according to a survey by Right Management. Two-thirds of employees are either unsatisfied (44 per cent) or somewhat unsatisfied (21 per cent) with their current job, found the survey of 411 employees in the United States and Canada.

Nearly one-fifth (19 per cent) of employees said they are satisfied while 16 per cent are somewhat satisfied, found the survey.

“Job satisfaction is an easily understood workplace indicator,” said Michael Haid, senior vice-president of talent management at Right Management. “We’re not asking about fulfillment or enthusiasm but just job satisfaction. Nevertheless, data unmistakably tilt in the wrong direction. Sorry to say, this comes as no surprise when it comes from workers in the U.S. and Canada, who’ve been giving their grumpy and frank feedback for the past two difficult years.”

Low job satisfaction is not conducive to strong work performance, said Haid. It affects everything in the workplace, including engagement, productivity and recruitment and retention.

The most effective tool available to management is to encourage employees to take ownership of their own development, said Haid. The first step is for the immediate supervisor to initiate a discussion about career development.

“Employees may feel stuck, but this shouldn’t mean they can’t grow. Workers need continuing development opportunities to do their job well and to broaden their own capabilities,” he said. “They should see that their employer is willing to invest in learning and training. In that way, they may progress in their present company and ultimately move into a new job when positions become available.”

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