N.B. establishing new governance model for apprenticeships, certification

Modernized act to allow programs to be more responsive to needs of industry
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 05/31/2012

The government of New Brunswick has introduced a new governance model for apprenticeship and occupational certification, according to Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Martine Coulombe.

"This modern approach allows our programs to be more responsive to the needs of industry and the labour market," said Coulombe. "We are shifting some authority to industry — where it makes sense to do so — while continuing to maintain government oversight.”

The new model, established under An Act to Replace the Apprenticeship and Occupational Act, would include an enhanced apprenticeship and occupational certification board that would have decision-making authority over voluntary occupations.

The role of the board would be to:

•set general program requirements

designate, rescind and make changes to voluntary occupations

•make exemptions to compulsory trades in conjunction with the minister

•determine such things as pass marks and hours required for certification.

The provincial government would continue to be responsible for administering the act, including setting budgets, fees and fair wages for apprentices.

"We are pleased to have a greater opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship and occupational certification program,” said George Estey, chair of the apprenticeship and occupational certification board. “With more collaboration between industry and government, we will be able to make more timely decisions that will benefit apprentices and employers."

The program includes about 4,200 registered apprentices in a range of occupational trades.

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