Opportunities abound for entry-level workers

Baby boomers’ retirement is good news for recent grads
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 04/08/2003

Job prospects for recent post-graduate students are better than they have been in the last decade, according to

REALM: Creating Work You Want


Ten years ago, Canada was in the midst of an economic recession. Many entry-level positions were eliminated or taken by more senior people. That meant that more university and college graduates – as many as ten per cent in the early 1990s – had to settle for part-time jobs.

However, times have changed and the outlook for new grads seeking full-time work is rosy.

REALM: Creating Work You Want

attributes the improved situation to a number of factors:

•the economy is no longer in a recession;

•the first wave of baby boomers is retiring;

•downsizing in the 1990s means that the average age of today’s workers is around 47, leaving entry-level jobs wide open for new grads; and

•employees no longer stay with a company for a decade or more. Moving on when a worker wants to move up vacates opportunities for first-time workers.

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