Management inconsistent on transparency: Survey

Workers resent being last to receive key information
||Last Updated: 08/31/2012

In spite of promises of greater corporate transparency, top management is often seen as lacking in commitment to openness, according to a survey by AMA Enterprise.

One-half (48 per cent) of survey respondents said their senior leadership is inconsistent in practice, and 15 per cent dismiss any pledge of transparency as little more than lip service, found the survey of 300 employees in the United States.

“Senior leaders are frequently heard to profess greater openness, especially in respect to human resource and career development policies and processes, including the selection of candidates for future advancement,” said Sandi Edwards, senior vice-president of AMA Enterprise. “Our survey has found a widespread perception that many employees are often kept in the dark even about policies that directly concern them.”

Just one-third (37 per cent) of respondents consider their senior leadership sincere in efforts at greater openness.

Lack of transparency communicates a lack of confidence in employees, said Edwards.

“Workers are quick to pick up any reticence or secrecy. They rightly feel distrusted and resent being the last to learn of key decisions that may affect their opportunities or careers.”

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