Travel Technology Briefs (Sept. 24, 2001)

|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/25/2001


Markham, Ont. — With travel costs rising, firms are increasingly looking to technology to reduce business travel and relocation costs, authors of a recent survey say. Profit pressures are forcing organizations to focus attention on travel expenditures and take advantage of technology tools to rein in costs and improve service to employees, an American Express survey of about 200 finance and purchasing executives states. Half of executives polled said that over the next year their organizations plan to turn to corporate online booking to reduce costs, and 64 per cent said they will use electronic expense reporting to assist in managing and monitoring employee travel expenses and process claims. Herve Sedky, vice-president of American Express Corporate Services, said Canadian companies can save 15 to 20 per cent of travel costs by getting serious about adopting technology to manage expenses. “Travel technology has passed the experimental stage and we are seeing a flood of interest,” he added.


Hinton, Alta. — With technology offering support and connectivity for today’s business travelers, the laptop computer has become as important as a passport. Here’s some tips from 111 Travel Directory’s Web site (

•Ensure ownership documentation and request an export certificate at the customs counter at the port of departure to bring your laptop home without hassles.

•If you don’t need the battery or CD-ROM remove them to reduce weight.

•Take along everything you need to connect such as the correct foreign phone and power adapters.

•Use a modem saver/line tester to protect against damage from bad phone lines.

•Check ahead regarding Internet service provider offerings in the host country.

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