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By Joe Nunes
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/13/2001

This month we look at the subject of recruiting. Most universities have career centres, many of which have online portals. We have not looked at these sites here most recruiters and HR departments will have their own sense of which universities produce candidates suitable to them. The following sites offer a variety of discussions on this topic. A number of the sites are from outside Canada. However, in the battle to attract and retain capable employees, many ideas are easily transferred across borders.

Changing recruitment strategies

The U.S. Department of Labour has compiled a number of articles under the heading Competence without Credentials. This particular paper, “examines evidence from a variety of perspectives that are relevant to understanding the changing nature of workplace competence. Four perspectives are considered: the operation of the labour market, surveys of what employers say, the market for employer-provided training, and the stock market.”

10 tips to improve diversity recruiting

This page offers 10 tips for diversity recruiting and includes advice such as: “ When using an interview panel, make sure that it is culturally diverse to minimize potential bias.” Your visit to this site will be a short one but valuable nonetheless.

Nuts and bolts of recruitment

Career Journal is from the Wall Street Journal. This article focuses on finding winning candidates and follows the standard two-phase process: first identify needs and then identify qualified candidates. The article also reviews some of the most common recruiting methods.

Simple strategies

The Department of Workforce Development in Wisconsin has posted this page of recruitment and retention strategies for employers. A really quick read, some of the advice is questionable including “Work with probation and parole to tap that labour pool.” While other advice is more practical: finance a computer purchase program with a 10 per cent discount.

The three stages of recruitment

This site looks at staffing in three stages: attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. It includes a list of the four basic profiles of applicants. The best bet is to determine which type of applicant fits with the firm and then shape strategies to target that group.

Students learning their rights

The Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers site has a link for recent students and grads. While the information is for the recruitee, it may be useful for HR professionals to review what students are being told about the recruitment process, including guidelines for ethical recruiting at post-secondary institutions, such as notifying all applicants individually of their status and advising students what costs will be compensated for site and interview visits.

Joe Nunes is an actuary and president of Actuarial Solutions Inc. in Oakville, Ont. He can be reached at (905) 257-2038 or Joe@ActuarialSolutionsInc.com.

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