One-fifth of workers seeking online EAP help researching depression: Report

Twice as many as those in U.K.
||Last Updated: 10/16/2012

One-fifth (19 per cent) of Canadian employees who sought online help from their employee assistance program (EAP) over the last 12 months were researching depression, twice as many as those in the United Kingdom (9.5 per cent), according to data released by EAP provider ComPsych. A similar percentage (19 per cent) of Americans also sought such help.

“Stress and depression as well as relationship problems are issues that obviously cross borders,” said Richard Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych. “However, the means by which employees seek help may differ across regions. U.S. and Canadian employees tend to seek out self-help through online resources, rather than going to see a health practitioner.”

Other employee concerns in the three countries included child care, taxes, divorce and quitting smoking, found ComPsych.

Top searches online from EAP provider


1. Child care (30.6 per cent)

2. Death (22.2 per cent)

3. Depression (19.4 per cent)

4. Anger (16.7 per cent)

5. Taxes (11.1 per cent)

United States

1. Stress (46.1 per cent)

2. Depression (18.9 per cent)

3. Divorce (12.4 per cent)

4. Adoption (11.4 per cent)

5. Marriage counseling (11.2 per cent)

United Kingdom

1. Quitting smoking (33.3 per cent)

2. Child care (28.6 per cent)

3. Work-life balance (19 per cent)

4. Sleep (9.6 per cent)

5. Depression (9.5 per cent)

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