HR professionals split on value of MBA: Survey

40 per cent believe HR training prepared them for senior roles
||Last Updated: 11/05/2012

HR professionals are split on the value of an MBA for advancement in the profession, according to a survey of 840 Canadian HR Reporter readers and members of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). Forty-five per cent are considering pursuing an MBA (with 35 per cent considering it somewhat and 10 per cent considering it seriously), while 46 per cent are not.

One-half (52 per cent) of HR professionals believe an MBA is helpful in fast-tracking to a senior role, while 18 per cent said it is critical. One-quarter (26 per cent) said it is not required, found the survey.

Forty per cent of HR professionals believe their HR training has sufficiently prepared them for a senior business role, found the survey. Forty-five per cent said it has prepared them somewhat but not enough, and 11 per cent said it has not prepared them at all.

Forty per cent of HR professionals are frequently called upon to provide business rationale and analysis, found the survey.

However, 38 per cent are rarely asked to do so and 19 per cent said they are never called upon for such analysis.

In what areas of knowledge would a master’s degree be a benefit?
(“significant” or “some” benefit)

Strategy and implementation


Business operations


Finance and audit


Risk management


Human resources




Marketing strategy


Global business culture




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