Shop with care for retail execs

By Mike Moralis
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 02/24/2002

Recruiting senior executives for the retail industry is increasingly focused on the ability to adapt and innovate. As much or more than on candidates’ sectoral knowledge, says Mark Derbyshire, executive director and head of retail and consumer search at staffing firm Russell Reynolds Associates Canada.

Knowing retail simply isn’t enough any more, Derbyshire said. A person with all the right technical skills also has to have the management and leadership skills necessary to implement change. Historically, retailers have tended to focus on technical skills, but “today, there absolutely has to be the right balance between those three areas.”

Over the past five years, there has been a real evolution in the industry, and what is becoming a constant for retailers is “the level of change that’s taking place in their entities.”