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Communicating culture, using video can draw attention on cluttered job boards
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/23/2013

With so much traffic on online job boards, employers looking for fresh talent need to stand out from the crowd. So Canadian HR Reporter asked three online job sites — Workopolis, CareerBuilder and Monster —to tell us how employers can catch the eye of jobseekers.

Profiles, microsites can convey culture, says Workopolis

One of the best ways for employers to attract more talent is by showcasing what their company can offer candidates through effective employer branding strategies.

These depend on the size of the business, the scope of the recruitment effort and the positions for which they’re recruiting. This is because there are no blanket solutions — branding strategies have to be genuine and relevant to the demographic of the sought-after candidates.

There are two keys to attracting talent in a tight market — making sure job postings are seen by the right people and getting those candidates to actually apply. Something as simple as a company logo can be an effective way to draw attention to a posting.

A branded job posting template can also give a posting a fresh and appealing look, integrating an employer’s brand colours and imagery.

The most important part of branding, however, is really how a company presents its employer value proposition to candidates. What is it about a company that makes it unique? Why would a candidate want to work there versus one of its competitors? How can you tailor a message to best attract qualified candidates?

The work environment is a big factor candidates consider when weighing a job opportunity. So it is important for employers to not only have a positive and enviable workplace culture, but to effectively communicate this in their recruitment efforts.

Workopolis has a number of branding options such as employer profiles, branded job posting templates and microsites that can help companies present this information, and more, in a way that is clear, concise and compelling.

Social media effective, says CareerBuilder

Some companies’ reputations are so epic, even people who don’t need a job long to work there. Google, for instance, consistently tops the list of places business students would most like to work for. Top talent from around the world are attracted to Google’s strong employer brand — the volleyball courts, swimming pools, free laundry rooms and cafeterias don’t hurt.

But even if a company isn’t a household name, it can still stand out by borrowing a page from Google’s playbook and developing a more compelling employer brand message. Here are four steps to set an employer apart from the competition and get candidates asking, “Where do I apply?”

Perk up the job postings: One of the first and most basic steps is to review your job postings. Many jobseekers say the look and feel of a posting influences their decision to apply, and they routinely pass over ones that are dull or rely solely on outdated messaging platforms. Prospective employees want to know not only what a company does but how it does it and why people like working there.

Leverage social media: Build fully optimized organizational profiles on Facebook, Linked- In and other platforms where your target audience is and link them to your job postings. Devote at least one page to employer brand messaging. An employer may also want to place hyperlinked buttons that link to its profiles in all company email signatures and other electronic communication.

Build brand ambassadors: Make sure your employees are well-versed in your company’s brand message. Over the course of a year, they’ll be asked many times, “What do you do?” Give them a way to answer that question that encompasses not only what they do but who they do it for. Teach employees how to use their own profiles to build their personal brands and deliver your employer brand messaging — jobseekers like to see that employees are proud of their company.

Use video: CareerBuilder analytics reveal that job postings with video icons are viewed nearly 12 per cent more than postings without video. In addition, companies with video hosting have a 34 per cent greater conversion rate (views to applications).

A well-done employee branding video lets an employer relate with candidates in a way the written word cannot. No other medium lets you so effectively combine culture, message and mission in a “show-don’t-tell” manner.

Targeting solutions can draw people in, says Monster.ca

With today’s ever-evolving digital environment, companies have more choices than ever before to reach jobseekers. For instance, they can target a specific audience by segment or geo-location and follow them as they browse through job boards.

There are also tools that provide more targeting options such as career and education levels, and an employer’s branded message can follow jobseekers through their job search with flash and interactive banners. Employers can also choose to have their company ads seen on the home page and job results page — often the most trafficked pages.

Employers can also reach jobseekers at other online properties by transforming a company’s open positions into media ads and placing them in front of the most relevant candidates on partner sites.

And a social recruiting solution can help companies establish or enhance a recruiting-focused presence on Facebook and Twitter.

A growing area at Monster.ca involves offline-to-online solutions and mobile-friendly career sites that allow HR to break through the information overload on corporate websites by creating a microsite specifically dedicated to recruitment efforts.

This article was compiled from content submitted by Workopolis, CareerBuilder and Monster. For more information, visit www.careerbuilder.ca, www.workopolis.com and www.monster.ca.

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