Majority of U.S. workers plug in while on vacation

Just 9 per cent leave devices behind: Survey
||Last Updated: 06/19/2013

One-third of workers take all of their electronic devices on vacation, according to a survey by talent mobility consulting firm Lee Hecht Harrison.

Only nine per cent unplug completely and leave the devices behind, found the survey of 639 workers.

When asked, “Do you unplug on vacation?” they said they take:

• no electronic devices (9 per cent)

• their laptop or tablet (15 per cent)

• their smart phone (43 per cent)

• all of their electronic devices (33 per cent).

Achieving work-life balance means finding the right mix of what you do for your job and what you do for pleasure, said Peter Alcide, president and COO for Lee Hecht Harrison.

“In terms of how employees stay connected during vacation, there’s no right or wrong answer or solution — just what works for the individual and his or her employer. What’s important is that managers and employees engage in frank conversations about how to create an appropriate balance, set reasonable expectations and achieve goals. That means a sustainable approach that provides for adequate down time to relax and rejuvenate while ensuring the unique demands of an individual’s role in the organization are met.”

While some individuals thrive in a hyper-connected environment, others need more quiet time to decompress and unwind, he said.

“What we know is that people are adapting and integrating technology in ways that work for them. For some, it may mean staying on top of email while on vacation to reduce stress and avoid being inundated when they return. For others, work is pleasure so they are more likely to find time during a vacation to do some work and connect with the office. And for still others, getting back to nature with no distractions is going to be paramount.”

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