Ontario working with employers to improve immigrant opportunities

New award to recognize champions of diversity
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 06/20/2013

Ontario is bringing together job creators from across the province to ensure the skills of newcomers better match the needs of employers. As part of Ontario's immigration strategy, a Minister's Employers Table will partner with business leaders to help the province identify labour market needs.

"We’re pleased with the approach that Ontario has taken to bring its immigration strategy to life. The Minister’s Employers Table is an excellent opportunity for employers to play a leading role in building a 21st century workforce for Ontario,” said Allan O’Dette, president and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

The immigration strategy aims to raise Ontario’s proportion of economic immigrants to 70 per cent of all those entering the province. Economic immigrants are selected based on their skills and experience, to match the province’s labour market needs.

The unemployment rate for immigrants who have arrived to the province in the last five years is nearly twice that of Ontario-born residents, said the government.

New award

The province is also unveiling an Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigration Employment. This award will recognize:

• employers that champion diversity in the workplace

• companies that have shown leadership in recruiting and mentoring immigrants or have demonstrated the positive business impact of hiring immigrants

• immigrants who are entrepreneurs and create jobs in the province.

"Our government is working hard to make sure immigrants are able to succeed in our province. But it’s ultimately employers who put those talents to work. We have created this table and this award to give Ontario’s employers a stronger voice in the immigration discussion and to recognize their contributions to our economy,” said Michael Coteau, minister of citizenship and immigration.

The award will be presented annually in three award categories: the Champion’s Award, the Employer’s Award and an Immigrant Entrepreneur Award. Nomination forms will be available in July at Ontario.ca/honoursandawards.

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