More than one-half of Americans think employers should offer benefits to same-sex partners

6 in 10 believe workplace is supportive environment
||Last Updated: 06/26/2013

One-half (54 per cent) of workers in the United States

believe that employers should offer health insurance to same-sex partners or spouses. Still, just 26 per cent of respondents said their company offers health insurance to same-sex partners; 38 per cent said it does not; and 36 per cent were not sure, found the survey of 519 workers by Workplace Options.

“Most Americans believe employers should provide health insurance for same-sex partners, but only a small percentage of people polled said that their employers offer it,” said Dean Debnam, CEO of Workplace Options. “Now is a good time for companies to reevaluate their benefit offerings and make sure that employees understand them.”

The poll results also showed:

47 per cent support same-sex marriage, with 42 per cent opposed and 11 per cent unsure.
28 percent said that their feelings about same-sex marriage have changed over time.
51 per cent said their workplaces have an anti-discrimination policy that includes gay and lesbian people.
37 percent of respondents do not believe they have any gay or lesbian co-workers.
60 per cent think that the culture of their work environment is supportive of gays and lesbians.

“Employers are going to have to start thinking more about what kind of culture they create for everyone, including gay and lesbian employees,” said Debnam. “This poll shows that many U.S. workers support same-sex marriage and the benefits that come along with it. If employers want to attract and keep employees, they should create a work environment where everyone feels accepted.”

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