How strong is your inside network?

|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

Use this quiz to rate the strength of your current inside network.

•Do you know people at all levels of the organization? Do they know your name and what you do?

•Do you know all the people whose work intersects yours in any way?

•Are you involved in any cross-functional efforts or interdepartmental activities (temporary assignments, committees, task forces, special projects, volunteer activities)?

•Are you plugged into the grapevine? Do you find out quickly what’s up?

•Do you take every opportunity to meet face-to-face to define and discuss complex problems, shifting priorities, areas of responsibility?

•Do you know and talk with others about trends that will impact your job in the future and tools to get the job done today?

•When you see a problem that involves people from various areas, do you take the initiative to bring people together to solve it?

•Do you drop by to see people — even when you don’t need anything?

Could you say “Yes” to most of those questions? If not, make building your inside network a priority.

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