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Honesty — well, it's a policy; 1 sugar, 2 creams — hold the poison; Did he expense mileage?; Why not take a look?; Roll back odometers
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/03/2013

1 sugar, 2 creams – hold the poison

EDMONTON — A grocery store worker has admitted to lacing his boss’s coffee with peanut butter, knowing she had a peanut allergy, according to the Edmonton Journal. Kirby Sherick, who stocked shelves at Safeway, decided to get even with his boss after she became sceptical of his frequent sick days. Sherick went to Tim Hortons, bought the coffee and melted some peanut butter in it before presenting it to her as an “olive branch” to mend their relationship. Shortly after drinking it, she began to vomit and experienced three days of pain. About one month later, it came to light Sherick had put peanut butter in the coffee and police were called. The worker pled guilty to administering a noxious substance and was sentenced to one year of probation and 150 hours of community service. He is also restricted from going within 300 feet of the store.

Honesty – well, it’s a policy

TORONTO — Honesty may be the best policy, but does it work in a cover letter for a sales job? One job applicant tried that route in an email posted by the Daily Muse. “You’re probably reading a lot of applications,” begins the Oct. 7 email. “And you’re probably not enjoying yourself. I’m writing this cover letter and I’m not enjoying myself either. So let me cut to the chase.” The writer goes on to state that, if hired, he will show up for the hours expected, do what’s asked and be likeable. “Let’s face it: That puts me ahead of 99% of the applicants already.” He also mentions he was voted “life of the party” in high school and his fraternity — “so you won’t have to worry about hiring some stiff loser who will poorly represent the youthful image of your company.” As for skills: “I went to an elite institution and we all know I’d figure out how to use whatever programs you’d like me to toil away with.” It ends with a succinct, “Get back to me if you’re looking for someone who you’ll actually enjoy working with.” It’s not clear if he was successful in landing the gig.

Did he expense mileage?

BEIJING — A Chinese local official who was photographed being given a piggyback by a villager while visiting flood victims in Zhejiang province has been fired, according to Reuters. The photo caused public outrage online, according to state media reports, and was posted on microblogging site Sina Weibo after Typhoon Fitow, according to Xinhua news agency. The official received the ride because he was wearing expensive shoes, said a post.

Why not take a look?

NEW DELHI — The Indian government is digging for treasure after a civic-minded Hindu village sage dreamt that 1,000 tons of gold were buried under a ruined palace, and wrote to tell the central bank about it. The state Archaeological Survey of India has sent a team of archaeologists to the village of Daundia Khera in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Roll back odometers

BEIJING — China is installing GPS systems in government cars to thwart personal use by officials, according to Reuters. The Communist party’s anti-corruption watchdog is cracking down on the “profligate lifestyles of corrupt officials.” Almost 200,000 government cars have been misused for private purposes, said the Beijing Times, citing the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

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