Most Canadians believe veterans deserve meaningful jobs: Survey

Veteran skills 'relevant, transferable'
||Last Updated: 11/05/2013

There is overwhelming public support for veterans as they make the transition from military life to a civilian career, according to a survey released by security provider Commissionaires.

For the second consecutive year, 94 per cent of those surveyed believe Canadians have an obligation to ensure modern veterans find meaningful employment after they've finished their service in the Canadian Armed Forces.

"Canadians clearly feel strongly that vets deserve our support, during and after their military service," said Bill Sutherland, national board chair, Commissionaires. "We've been hiring vets since 1925, so we know just how highly skilled and talented they are."

Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of Canadians believe that in the last five years, veterans have faced difficulties making the transition to civilian jobs. And nearly 70 per cent of the 1,000 respondents believe the skills of today's veterans are relevant and transferable.

However, 54 per cent of respondents believe it is more difficult for today's veterans to find civilian jobs than it was for veterans of the First and Second World Wars.

"Veterans are veterans are veterans, regardless of when and where they served," said Sutherland. "All of them deserve our respect and our thanks. We have a responsibility to help all veterans find jobs after serving their country."

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