Minimum wage rising in Nova Scotia

Rate goes up 10 cents an hour on April 1
||Last Updated: 01/31/2014

The minimum wage in Nova Scotia is rising by 10 cents an hour on April 1 to $10.40.

The province accepted the Minimum Wage Review Committee's recommendation to increase the wage in line with the cost of living.

The hourly wage for someone with less than three months' experience is also increasing by 10 cents an hour, to $9.90.

Minimum wage rates are adjusted annually, and are based on the previous year's national consumer price index (CPI).

"A couple of years ago, the Minimum Wage Review Committee recommended scheduled increases that would add predictability and stability for minimum wage adjustments, and it's working," said Steven MacPherson, general manager at Jack Astor's restaurant in Halifax and a member of the Minimum Wage Review Committee. "Linking minimum wage increases to the cost of living is fair for employees and employers, and helps business owners plan ahead."

Nova Scotia has the fourth highest minimum wage rate in the country, behind Nunavut, the Yukon, and Manitoba. Once Ontario's planned increase to $11 per hour takes effect in June, Nova Scotia's minimum wage will be fifth highest.

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